Speed Ratings

What are speed ratings?

Speed ratings are an attempt to measure how fast a horse can run compared to the other horses in a race, we do this by comparing the race completion times of the horses in their previous races and assigning a number (rating) to the horse based on those times.

Most casual punters will simply look at the finishing positions of the horses in a race to determine the likely winner, but this often does not tell the whole story....

For instance, say we have a 7f race at Kempton, Horse A won it's last race and Horse B came 4th, both over the same course and distance as today and carrying the same weight, Horse A is the obvious winner right?.

Wrong. Because if we look at the speed ratings the horses acheived in those races, Horse A acheived a speed rating of 86 compared to Horse B's rating of 91, which means although Horse A won it's race, that race was run in a slower time than Horse B's race, so although Horse B only managed to come 4th, it covered the 7f in a quicker time, so all other things been equal Horse B should beat Horse A today.

However, most of the time all other things are not equal, horses run their races at different tracks, distances, going conditions, carrying different amounts of weight and ridden by different jockeys, thats why using speed ratings in conjunction with other form figures and facts is so important and that's what our racecards allow you to do at a glance.